Protections Relay Test

Protections Relay Test

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Protections Relay Test

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Brochure DV1512

Protection Relay Test

ENEL Device certified

Device introduction


Hardware technical data

Calibration Service



Protections Relay Test Introduction  

DV1512A2NCI was developed to satisfy specific ENEL requirements for A2NCI unified protections testing  device. LogicLab designed and developed an equipment that, according to modern protection system test  requirements, can easily satisfy user's needs.

The device is a single phase  voltage and current generator (two single channels), that can switch current flow on four different output (IO, IR, IS and IT) and voltage on two different output (VR and VO); the device is also equipped  with four digital input and four output relays.

DV1512A2NCI is equipped with connection cables to A2NC protections  and two programs providing the complete management of the system. The single test program interface allows you to  use the device as a sinusoidal voltage and current generator or generic wave shape. It also allows you to develop your personal testing programs. You can test any kind of protection device not only those  already set up by the automatic program, that tests  DV901A2NCI, DV910A2NCI, DV920A2NCI e DV925A2NCI protections.

Once you choose the device, following protection test configuration, the DV1512A2NCI operates automatically; protection configuration may be brought in from Excel file. More generally, it is  possible to test a single trip threshold, thus making the devices suitable to  different protections.

This device can satisfy highest signal precision and quality requirements. Software allows you to profit by all the possibilities offered by test equipment. 

Protections Relay Test - Documentation


User Guide (italian version)


If the English version is not available, contact us and we will provide that you have requested.


To download User Guide from website you must have a user name and password.
To ask for user name and password, you may fill in the request form at
download page.


Protections Relay Test - Technical Data

Power supply

Power supply voltage: 220V AC 20%

Stand-by power: < 50W

full charge power: < 300W



Height: 16 cm

Width: 44 cm

Depth: 46,5 cm


Current channel

Software switching over four output  (IO, IR, IS e IT)

Continuous maximum output: 15 Arms

Transient maximum output: 30Arms (>1s)

Power output: 50 VA @ 15Arms

Accuracy: <0,2% 1 mA

Total Harmonic Distortion + noise (THD+n):

I < 1 A -> THD < 2%

I > 1 A -> THD < 0,2%

Frequency accuracy: 100 ppm

Phase accuracy: < 0,3

High phase stability

Overload and open-circuit protection

Over temperature protection


Voltage channel

Software switching over two output  (VR e VO)

Maximum voltage: 150Vrms

Power output:  30 VA @ 130Vrms

Accuracy: <0,2% 3 mV

Total Harmonic Distortion + noise (THD+n):

I < 1 V -> THD < 2%

I > 1 V -> THD < 0,2%


Digital input

Input voltage  24 - 110V

Anti dump filter

Over voltage protection



Rated Voltage: 110V

Maximum voltage: 230 Vac

Rated current: 5A

Maximum switching current (L/R=40ms) 0,2 A@110V



Serial RS232

USB-RS232 adapter (Optional)


Standards and specifications compliance

CEI EN 61000-6-2.

CEI EN 61000-6-4.


Signal direct access

Programmable current, voltage, frequency and phase angle

Programmable output selection (four different output for current and two different output for voltage)

Vectorized  graphical presentation and setting of current and voltage signal

Digital output setting

Digital input monitoring



Variable amplitude generation from a starting value to a stop value  (step time setting and signal amplitude setting)

Signals generation with variable ramp phase angle

Capability to ramp one signal and set to a fixed value the other channel;

Trigger stop condition setting

Time measurement and error calculation on digital trigger input



Capability to generate time sequence generated analog and/or digital signal

Up to 50 different state free programmable

Digital input time measurement

Sequence file saving

Sequence editing



Simultaneously generation of two different waveform signal

Square wave, triangle wave, sinusoidal wave,  saw-tooth wave

Signal and phase setting

Frequencies selectable up to 150 Hz with no distortion

Waveform time duration setting

File saving of generated waveform

Waveform Graphical  preview



Simultaneous generation of voltage and current

Signal selection between all signal present in Comtrade file

Arbitrary scaling/amplification of signals

Phase inversion capability

Graphical preview


Protections Relay Test - Calibration services

LogicLab S.r.l. provides the periodic check maintenance, calibration and adjusting services for device DV1512A2-NCI.
The use of the DV1512 as a device for verifying the proper operation of the protection relays, need periodic checks, maintenance and calibration, to guarantee the proper generation of waveforms, and consequently, the correct result of test and report.

The services available to our clients are:

Complete check

Damage part replacement

Fimware upgrading

Output adjusting

Calibration with international certify

12 months of additional warranty

The output adjusting procedure, that only LogicLab is able to perform, and the subsequent calibration, provide the customer to have a precise, accurate, secure and efficient device.
LogicLab has signed an agreement with ARO S.r.l. (SIT Center No. 46) for the calibration of all electrical quantity required to certify to the instrument: voltage, current, frequency and phase.



Protections Relay Test - Multimedia


Protections Relay Test - Download

DV1512 Software Pack (Italian version)

DV1512 Software Pack - Plus Edition

DV1512 Firmware (Italian version)


If the English version is not available, contact us and we will provide the software that you have requested.


To download from the website it is necessary to have a user name and password.
The user name and password may be requested by filling out the request form at
download page


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