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DI2502 RGDAT Tester


RGDAT tester

The instrument DI2502, meeting the homonimous specification ENEL, is used to test the device RGDAT (directional fault detector). The tool allows to check both the RGDAT and all accessories (current transformers, 6-poles plug)....

Overcurrent protection  
Overcurrent protection to control neutral in MV substation

The device DV926A2NCI meets the specification DV1026A2NCI ENEL. The device performs the function of maximum current neutral  protection time independent ...

Substation Monitoring (MOIM)  
Substation monitoring

The device DV928A2NCI develops the function of monitoring and control medium voltage substation with insulated  neutral or Petersen coil neutral connection ...

FR947 Digital Fault Recorder  
Digital fault and event recorder

FR947 is a family of digital fault recorder. This is a flyer of base version of the DFR family, LogicLab portfolio is completed with EX version (Extended Signal Processor capability) and PMU version (Phasor Measurement Unit)...

Advanced Digital Fault Recorder with PMU  
Digital fault and event recorder (EX/PMU Version)

FR947-EX is the evolution and upgrade of LogicLab FR947 Digital Fault Recorder with a signal processing unit capable of performing advanced measuring algorithms. LogicLab developed an high-performance device, with state of the art hardware that include a 32bit CPU and 3.6 GFLOPS DSPs parallel architecture.

Protection Relay Test Unit  

Protection relay test equipment

DV1512A2NCI is a test equipment dedicated to all protection but in particular to ENEL unified substation protection. LogicLab designs and develops a device that can meet the test requirements of modern security systems, creating an instrument to suit the needs of the ...

Automatic Load Shed  
Automatic Load Shed

This device meet the needs of ENEL and Terna in terms of load shed on the plan for lightening the load in Italy . The device is the first one and the only product in the market approved under the new ENEL DV1038  ed. 4 specification andRSPT06-0033DIS-ISI Terna specification. The EAC is intended to for  medium voltage substation and high voltage substation...

Extended Remote Management for Electrical Substation  
Extended Remote Management for Electrical Substation

The need to exchange information from old protection system without Ethernet connection produced by any builder in the world  engage  LogicLab to develop an innovative communication system. That allow, using  equipment with a RS232 interface, to communicate with control centre  using ADSL Satellite communication system (or any you like). The system allow also to interconnect modern device with Ethernet connection. In any part in the world you are, you will have the complete control of your substation with no intervention to it.


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