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Digital Fault Recorders


FR947 Digital Fault Recorder

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FR947-EX is the evolution and upgrade of LogicLab FR947 Digital Fault Recorder with a signal processing unit capable of performing advanced measuring algorithms. LogicLab developed an high-performance device, with state of the art hardware that include a 32bit CPU and 3.6 GFLOPS DSPs parallel architecture. FR947-EX Digital Fault Recorder can be used with PMU software as Phase Measurement Unit for synchrophasors management. PMU software is an optional upgrade that can be performed at any time and doesn't require hardware upgrade.


Digital Fault Recorder

LogicLab designs and supplies a turnkey solution for PMU control centre for synchrophasors management. LogicLab implementation is based on open source software and database for powerful and cost saving solution. The PMU control centre system is designed to be scalable, reliable and easy maintainable. In control centre, the interface with users is Pharos, the PC client software that ensure access to SyPAs or SyPArch servers and it can be installed in standard Microsoft Windows PC.


PMU Synchrophasor Control Center

LogicLab s.r.l. is a company specialized in hardware, firmware and software of monitoring, protection and control devices for the industrial market that are used in all areas where the reliability of operation is a fundamental requirement to be met. The main market for LogicLab products is the power distribution and generation, where it has years of experience both in Italy and abroad


LogicLab is a company with ENEL qualification FERP03 - Protection and Control devices


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